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Life is too short for bad BBQ!

Freddy Ray's BBQ

-   ABOUT US  -

We started in 2010 as a catering company and quickly found our way into the competition BBQ circuit.

After starting this business and changing from backyard cook to professional I quickly learned to 

write down all recipies even while testing new rubs and sauces. It was during a competition when I

discovered that both of my BBQ sauces were a big hit. Unnamed at the time the hot version became

known as Creeper because once people tasted it at the booth they would walk away and about 15 

feet later shout out good gosh I feel it! My other BBQ sauce known now as Betty's Blend was coined

by my beautiful wife Jamie to pay omage to my Mother who without her none of this would have 

been possible. In 2011 Bettys Blend scored 6th for chicken and 10th for beef in the first ever National

BBQ News Sauces Of Honor Competiton. It was then we really knew we had something special.

Bringing us to now 2016 with numerous awards and a gold medal finish in yet another national

BBQ sauce competition, FINALLY these all natural, small batch made award winning sauces

and rubs can be purchased all over America and abroad.                                                                

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